i GO

A Travel Mobile Application

Student Project - 2019


Role: UX/UI designer
Concept: Mobile Application
Responsibilities: User research, conceptual design, coordination of key stakeholders in product goals, user processes, persona development,  wireframing, information architecture, visual design, character design,
prototype design, user testing, incorporating user feedback into design iterations, and motion design
Tasks: Branding, UX/UI Design, Motion
Duration: 8 weeks
Tools: Adobe XD,  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, InVision, 


i GO is a travel mobile application for all solo travelers all around the world. It gives the user to connect with other solo travelers by matching base on their favorites. Moreover, the user can buy flight tickets and book a place to stay from the app. It gives them the ability to plan their trips conveniently and efficiently and providing useful information base on what they like. The user can search for the best places to eat and visit from the app. i GO will help the user manage time, attractions, budget, and expenses during their trips. It’s also a social media platform where everyone can share their experiences with others.


It takes too much time to find information to prepare for the trip. Most of the users have to use another Chat app to connect with other travelers. It’s also inconvenient to manage their budget during a trip. Based on research in 2018, most young people prefer to travel independently rather than with large of a group.


​I defined the target users as young people from 18 to 36 years old who like solo travel. They want new experiences and connect with other travelers. They also like to share and have high community cohesion. The audiences want to use time and budget effectively throughout their journey.

Design Challenge 

This challenge is to design a new application that provides a better experience for travelers on their trip.


Build an online ecosystem of tourism on the application and provides useful information for travelers.

Add Chat and find friends feature in the application.

Propose a suggested schedule based on the information, interests that users have provided.

Provide cheap fly with an affordable place to stay through the application.

User Walkthrough


This mobile application allows the user to do everything they need for the trip and create a new community with travelers who share the same interest. They can meet new friends, book flights, find hotels, visit all the popular places and discover delicious food. i GO will bring a better experience through useful tools.



Low Fidelity Wireframes

Final Product

Interactive Prototype