Everlance - Brand Design

Everlance is a modern mileage and expense management app that helps businesses and independent workers save time and money with easy-to-use financial tools. The app first launched in 2015 and has over 3 million users now. Everlance is rated #1 in the app store and featured by Apple as one of the "Best New Apps."

As a brand designer, I worked cross-functionally with marketing, sales, partnerships, customer support, and product teams to help the team evolve the brand. I also defined how we can tailor our visual experiences and messaging for each of our audiences differently but cohesively throughout product and marketing. I worked on and led various projects such as websites, email campaigns, video ads, educational videos, social media, brochures, flyers, etc. 



After joining Everlance, I helped the team to rebrand and produce marketing and product icon libraries. Everlance is a modern and high-technology brand, so we wanted something simple and clean for our products. On the marketing side, we wanted something similar to our product, but it needed to be a little bit exciting and joyful. So, I used the outline style and added a green color with different colors backgrounds. 




Another part of the rebranding process is to help the team develop illustration libraries for both of marketing and products. Here is an example of my work at Everlance when the team wanted to increase the volume of subscribers from the premium plan, so I designed illustrations for the premium and tailored them to different plans. The goal is that we wanted to bring more excitement and illustrate the benefits of the free, premium, and premium plus. 


I worked with the Marketing Manager in producing emails, campaigns, and launch announcements that support new products and features. I created different illustrations that we used for some events like Black Friday, Tax Day, Valentine's, Year-end email, etc


My favorite part of my career at Everlance is helping the team bring more moments of joy to our product. We wanted our users to feel excited and delighted at every touch point. Below are a few examples of my works at Everlance. 

App store 

Flyers for Partnerships


At Everlance, the sales team does a lot of conferences, and it's one of the most important areas to expand the business. As a brand designer, I partner with the Head of Marketing and lead various projects to produce both digital and physical collaterals for the team. At the conference, the team did showcases and handed all the marketing collateral to the attendees. Some examples are brochures, direct mail, flyer, stickers, banners, display, etc


Below are two projects that I worked on with the Marketing Manager and the Head of Designer. To bring more dynamic and joy to our users, we created the design in different formats such as GIFs and static. 

Paid Ad Creatives

As a Brand Designer at Everlance, I partner with Cindy - the Head of Marketing to brainstorm new concepts for digital ads and translate those into designs on LinkedIn. And I collaborate with Scott - the Head of User Acquisition to create new paid on different channels like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. All the paid ad projects are very unique and fun to work with. We not only tested on different formats, we also tested the created ads with different copies, colors, backgrounds, etc based on data findings. 


I collaborate with Jenna -  the Head of Design and Cindy - the Head of Marketing to rebrand and create new pages on the website. I also plan meetings and manage the web developer from outside to help us on the website.