User Experience Design Conference

Student Project - 2019


Role: UX/UI Designer
Responsibilities: user research, conceptual design, ideation, coordination of key stakeholders in product goals, user processes, information architecture, visual design, prototype design, user testing, and incorporating user feedback into design iterations
Concept: User Experience Design, Print Design, Mobile Application
Duration: 8 weeks
Tools: Adobe XD,  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign


Illuminate is a design conference that creates a better community for User Experience Design. It is a safe place to create effective designs and speed on user experience best practices.


Audiences can explore the hottest trends in UX designs. This conference has six keynote speakers from big companies, and they are ready to share their experiences with the audience.

This conference has different discussions and workshops, and everyone can learn while they can connect to other designers. This event will give audiences better insights into UX Designs


The target audiences are students, freelancers, and professional designers. At this conference, they would feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences during the event.

After audiences attend this conference, they would level up their skills from the workshops. People can get advice about networks, careers, trends, and any information to help them succeed in this industry.

Naming Process

I created a list for the naming process and they are "young interactive", "illuminate", "gravity", "cyber-punk", and "digital world". I wanted to create a valuable conference for the audience, so it must create an exciting environment. I chose "illuminate" as the name of this conference because I believe it presents the meaning of comprehensive, communicative, informative, refining, and instructive

Logo Process

The goal of this logo was to play with different variations of the logos.

Visual Audit

The purpose of this visual audit is to outline the overall style and visual theme of the conference.


Poster Process

Here are my first sketch and an early version of the poster.

Finalized Poster

Conference Booklet

Mobile Application